The Dolomites of Italy are some of the most gorgeous and wondrous attractions in the world. They are a popular tourist experience for cycling, hiking or hang-gliding in the warmer months and for skiing in the winter.

It is also the famous mountain range that the world’s best riders take on during the Giro d’Italia, ascending the rugged peaks and sweeping through winding descents, often defining the winner.

You don’t need to be a professional rider, though, to experience the same sweeping views that these Pro’s do.

With A’qto Cycling Tours, you can take the same journey through Passo Sella, Pordoi, Campolongo, Gardena, Giau, Falzarego and Valparola. And when you’ve tackled all of these passes, you can tick the final box at the highest peak of them all: the Marmolada.

But let it be known – your legs will be tested and your fitness will be pushed to its limits. However, you will be rewarded immensely with satisfaction, and the incredible local hospitality along the way.

What the Dolomites cycling tour offers you

Guided by A’qto’s expert team, this journey will see you embark on an eight-day, seven-night tour through the Italian Dolomites and the Veneto’s Prosecco Road. Span a total distance of 530km and reach a final elevation of 12,960 metres.

Note that this is not a casual experience – it is designed to test the fitness and endurance of riders who are up for the challenge.

You will take on the steep climbs and switchbacks through the Dolomites, before descending into the vineyards of Prosecco Road, where you can begin to soak up the array of sights and smells of this gorgeous region.

Then the biggest challenge awaits you: Monte Grappa. See yourself head toward the summit of this challenging climb – the perfect test of your strength and endurance to round out your cycling tour.

Experience the real Italy, away from the tourist hotspots

While riders will get to test themselves in ways they may have never experienced before, these tours are about more than just cycling. A’qto Cycling endeavours to have all participants experience the ‘real’ Italy, by wining and dining with the locals in villages and towns along the journey.

The team has blazed the path before you, experienced the most authentic cuisine and met the friendliest Italians with the best stories. This means you’re given the opportunity to experience the very same unforgettable moments.

The reward of the ride will be matched by the culinary rewards at breakfast, lunch and dinner and with lodgings in authentic Italian towns, many that tourists rarely visit.

How to prepare for the Dolomites cycling tour

As this is one of the most challenging tours on offer, you are going to need to train to prepare for the 7 days of climbing ahead of you. It’s recommended that you undergo several months of training, riding at least 300km every week to have you ready to test your fitness in the Dolomites.

Ideally, you will be riding 70-90km 3-4 times per week with an elevation of 1500-2000m, and you will start your preparation four to five months out from your departure. From there, you’ll be ready to tackle the many exciting challenges ahead of you – all within the stunning surrounds of this iconic Italian region.

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